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Ready. Set. Goals!

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Happy New Year, gang! Traditions around the world make this special day different for everyone. No matter how you celebrate, embrace the fresh start of a new year.  Resolutions can be too big to maintain for long periods of time.  Set yourself up for success with obtainable, smaller goals with a plan. The approach with small but measurable goals can make all the difference for yourself, your students, your team, and your administration.


Types of Goals:

Short term: Write the ideas that you can do within the week.

Mid Term: Write the ideas that you can do within the next three to four months.

Long Term: Write the ideas that you can do the next year. 


Looking for a new way to connect with your students after winter break?

If one of your goals is to find new ways to connect with your students or make your lessons more engaging, I have just the thing! 10-Minute Classroom Openers is a must-have resource for teachers, whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching journey. For those of you familiar with Stand Tall Leadership, you know how important it is for schools to have a positive climate and culture. What an excellent way for your students to return to the classroom!

This book is a game-changer, offering a collection of 150 quick, engaging activities designed to kickstart each day with a burst of positivity and connection.  Everyone in education can benefit from this resource for their Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs. The best part of this book to implement SEL in your classroom? There is zero prep needed.  ALL you need is this book and five to ten minutes!

Here’s your prep-free activity for kindergarten to fifth-grade students to open up your next class or morning meeting. Imagine starting your first day back to school with energy and excitement! One thing is for sure, you will be starting class with smiles and fresh blood flowing to their brains.  


The whole class gets up and starts an exercise. Choose one person to name five of something. They can’t stop until the five things are named. Feel free to adapt to use the five things you are doing in class.

  • Jumping Jacks-Name five cereals
  • Twisting-Name five superheroes
  • Jogging In Place-Name five character values
  • Arm Circles-Name five staff who work at your school
  • Plank-Name five sports




Mini-goals are achieved in a short timeframe, three to five days at the most.  One of the most challenging interactions between staff and administrators comes with teacher evaluations and classroom observations. Let’s face it, it’s tough on everyone.  Most teachers work diligently to prepare a lesson to show their strengths, as well as their students.  Administrators typically provide feedback for improvement, and it can be difficult to accept criticism.  

Support your staff by helping them create mini-goals to meet expectations. This is the most crucial part.  You have to check in with these staff members.  Write it down in your calendar, set a reminder, and add it to your digital calendar.  Be ready to help them refine their mini-goals and set the next steps moving forward. Give them one of your favorite resources to try for implementation. These are the action steps with mini-goals. 

Let’s look at the topic of student voice in the classroom. When you are having that post-observation conversation with your staff, give them some direction with the feedback for improvement.  A few of your simple ideas will certainly springboard them to take it further.  Start with a pack of Post-its, a sample reflection worksheet, or a Google Form template.  Set your team members up for success with tools you know will work. 



Students of any age need help with goal setting.  Their development needs to be more mature to identify a goal, make an action plan, be accountable, and modify their goals along the way.  That’s too much for tiny brains! Like all great educators, modeling sets an example for students to follow.  Reach into your teacher's bag of tricks and put on your mentor hat.  Pull them in for a conversation to take a more significant task into manageable bites.

In the classroom, simple check-ins help build connections and strengthen relationships.  Conferencing with students about their writing, projects, or problem-solving strategies- is an excellent opportunity for goal setting. Discuss and praise what works well for students, and then push them to try something new. Be sure to jot down the mini-goal, so when you check back with the student, you can help them evaluate their progress. Break these goals down into manageable bites for students. Be sure to celebrate these small victories! 

When people know what the process, expectations, and outcomes are, and they work hard through the process to reach their goal, they deserve to be recognized.  #standtallstatement


Vision VS. Goals

“Vision excites my future but frustrates my present.”  

Your vision is a picture of future success.  Use your vision to help you move forward to achieve these goals. The goal is the work to make it happen.  The values are a set of collective commitments that guide your mission and goals. Gang, they all work together.  Check out the hyperlinks for more. 

Don’t let the frustration take over with a stagnant mindset. Let this fuel your motivation.  Frustration has led educators across the country to leave education.  Take control, make a plan, make adjustments.  If you are an educator with more than ten years of experience in K-12 Education and are ready to make a change, you must check out Within Our Ranks

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