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How to Lead with Vision

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  “Vision excites my future, but frustrates my present.”


To be a leader, you must have vision. A vision is a picture of future success and a compelling future. A vision should get you excited about what is to come.  If there's one thing I've learned in my years of experience, it's that a powerful vision can be the North Star guiding your organization or school toward greatness. Today, let's explore how to communicate, measure, and commit to your vision to create a positive impact on your organization or school.


The Vision Blueprint: 

  1. Crafting Your Vision:
    A vision isn't just a statement; it's the heartbeat of your educational journey. It should be inspiring, clear, and future-oriented. Think about what you want to achieve, the values that guide you, and the legacy you wish to leave behind. Stand Tall Leaders communicate what they respect and value!
  2. Communicating Your Vision:
    Your vision is NOT meant to be a secret. It's a rallying cry for your organization or school community. Share it passionately and consistently. Use various channels – from staff meetings to newsletters – to ensure everyone understands and embraces it. And choose your timing carefully! (Definitely NOT right after the blood-borne pathogen training.)

    If others who are following you do not have the vision that you have for the future, they will be working from day to day with no true direction. 
  3. Vision as a Measure of Progress:
    Without a vision, you're like a ship without a destination. Your vision serves as a benchmark against which you can measure progress. It helps you set goals, evaluate achievements, and steer your ship in the right direction. Without vision, you have no measure to determine progress.
  4. Commitment to the Vision:
    A vision is more than just words; it's a commitment. You must walk the talk. Be the embodiment of the vision you've set. Your dedication will inspire others to follow suit. Lead by example.



The Power of Communication: What kind of leader are you?

Effective communication is the lifeblood of your vision. Here are some tips:

Clarity is Key: Ensure your vision is crystal clear because ambiguity breeds confusion. When your team understands the vision, they can align their efforts accordingly. While you may be the leader of your organization, you cannot do it all alone. 

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat: People must hear things multiple times before internalizing them. Repetition reinforces the vision's importance. Gang, you know the results formula! This works with everything, especially vision.

Visual Aids: Use visuals to make your vision more memorable. Create posters, infographics, or charts that encapsulate the essence of your vision. Like the comparison I made to incredible English teachers, provide exemplars and show the specifics of your vision. 

Feedback Loops: Encourage open dialogue. Listen to your team's thoughts and concerns about the vision. Their insights can refine and strengthen it. Fearless Feedback is critical to accomplish the vision.  



The Commitment Factor:

A vision without commitment is an empty promise. Don’t forget about the last blog post, Compliance vs. Commitment.  Compliance is a low level of accomplishment.  Commitment from others is like autopilot for your vision as a leader. Here's why it matters:

Inspires Others: Your unwavering commitment to the vision serves as a model for your team. When they see your commitment and dedication, they're more likely to invest their own time and energy.

Overcomes Challenges: Commitment helps you push through obstacles. Challenges will arise, but a solid commitment to the vision can help you navigate them.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate resiliency to your fellow leaders in your organization. 

Builds Trust: When your team sees you are “all in,” it builds trust. Trust is a crucial ingredient in a thriving educational environment. Be the cheerleader for your organization. Remember, a vision is a picture of future success and a compelling future. 


Stand tall, envision greatness, and watch it become reality.

Gang, I cannot emphasize this enough: vision is the cornerstone of effective educational and organizational leadership. It motivates your actions, inspires your team, and provides a roadmap for success. But remember, a vision is only as powerful as your commitment to it. So, craft a vision that resonates, communicate it passionately, measure progress diligently, and let your unwavering commitment be the Stand Tall Leader you are. Together, we can create brighter futures for our students and our educational communities. 

Tune in for our next two episodes in the Vision Mission Values Series! First, we will dive into “Mission” and conclude with “Values.” Be sure to check out the new book from Stand Tall Steve and the newest addition to the Ideas, Ideas, Ideas series!


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