Episode #63: Defining Vision

Once again Stand Tall Steve by way of brilliant conversation helps you through the process of defining your vision.

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Episode #62: Developing Relationships

Join Steve in this episode as he discusses the art of building relationships with students. Make sure you go over to after the episode and request the information about Steve's "7 Week Staff To Student Relationship Challenge" because it it is really helpful for laying the foundation climate and culture in the classroom.

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Episode #61: Reasons to NOT Give Recognition

Steve speaks on culture and climate and a major piece of maintaining a positive culture and climate which is recognition and the conversation of the pros, cons, beliefs, and disbeliefs of giving recognition in the classroom.

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Episode #60: Stand Tall Steve

Steve Bollar -AKA- Stand Tall Steve is back with season 3 of the Stand Tall Leadership Show and as usual Steve gives educators a great perspective on how to get their classrooms in shape to shape those in the classroom.

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