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Vision Mission Values Series: Values

classroom management education consultant educational leadership educational leadership programs keynote speaker leadership coaching leadership for educational equity leadership styles in education mission motivational speaker professional development public speaking stand tall steve steve bollar values vision Oct 30, 2023

I'm excited to conclude the Vision Mission Values Series with a topic that's close to my heart: Values. In the previous Stand Tall Statements Blogs, we discussed the importance of having a clear Vision and a compelling Mission. Let’s explore the critical role that Values play in leadership, both in education and life in general.

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In the final installment of this series, I am joined by Patrick Linfors, a Scout Executive and CEO for the Garden State Council of the Boy Scouts of America. With 19 years of experience working with the Scouts, he has seen firsthand the transformative power of values in shaping young lives and building leaders. I'm grateful to have him share his insights on values and how they intersect with leadership. In this professional role, he works closely with school administration, staff, and students. As a father, he works to raise his children with his family values. 


Defining Values in Leadership:

"A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent."

In the world of leadership, Values are the guiding principles that underpin our decisions, behaviors, and actions. They are our core beliefs, the compass that helps us navigate life's challenges. Just as the Boy Scouts famously recite their Scout Law, "A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent," values set a clear standard for how we should conduct ourselves.

Values are not just words on paper; they are a way of life. In education, we often emphasize values like honesty, respect, responsibility, and integrity. There is always a lesson in failure, and it is an opportunity to learn and grow authentically. In the Bollar family, we always strive to instill values that promote kindness, courtesy, and civility, creating a solid foundation for character development.

Values are the foundation for leadership. They help us create leaders not just in the political arena but also within families, communities, and organizations. A strong values system fosters kindness, courtesy, civility, and ethical decision-making. Scouting, as well as education, plays a crucial role in nurturing such leadership. This applies to both being the leader but also being lead and coachable. 


The Role of Values in Leadership:

“When your values are clear, decisions are easy.” - Roy Disney

Values are the cornerstone of a strong, positive culture in any organization, whether it's a school, a business, or even a family. They help guide behavior, decisions, and actions by providing a clear set of collective commitments that everyone can agree on.

In education, having shared values ensures that everyone, from students to teachers to staff, operates under a common set of beliefs. This shared understanding fosters empowerment, as individuals can make decisions confidently, knowing that they are aligned with the organization's values. This, in turn, creates a positive culture.


Values and Leadership in the Family:

“Character is what you are doing when no one is looking.” -Coach John Wooden

Just as organizations have values, families can establish their own set of values. As parents, we want to instill these values in our children. Our role is not just to guide them but to showcase exemplars of good values. We lead by example and consistently reinforce our family's collective commitments.

Values are not static; they evolve as we grow and learn from our experiences. As leaders, we have a responsibility to demonstrate and uphold the values we hold dear. It's through our actions, consistency, and guidance that we ensure our families, organizations, and communities continue to adhere to the values that define us. 

Values begin at home, and family plays a pivotal role in instilling them. I believe in showcasing exemplars to my children. By setting an example and sharing exemplars, we help our children understand and embrace values. As a father, it's about setting a high standard of values that our children can follow. Patrick brings a great example to the conversation, and he admires individuals like Cal Ripken and Bruce Springsteen. It's not just about their success but their work ethic, determination, and resilience. As parents, we set the standard for values, and we strive to raise children who embody these principles in their interactions with others.

Values are the foundation of who we are and how we lead, both in education and life. They create the culture and traditions that guide our behavior, and they empower us to make decisions aligned with our shared beliefs. As parents, educators, and leaders, it's our duty to reinforce these values and lead by example consistently. 

Remember, values are not just something we hope for – they're something we actively live by. By doing so, we create a positive, values-driven culture that shapes the future of our children and organizations. 

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