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Influence & Integrity the Essence of Leadership Series: Integrity

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In a world where leaders are continuously scrutinized and held to high standards, integrity stands at the forefront of effective leadership. 


Understanding Integrity

Integrity is a set of beliefs, values, and actions others can depend on. It's about more than just doing the right thing when no one is watching, but doing the right thing consistently in the spotlight. Integrity is a core foundation that guides leaders in their decision-making process, whether in the classroom or the administrative office. Consistency is critical to show your level of integrity. 

Integrity is significant in teaching. Students are observant and look to their teachers for consistency and reliability. As teachers, it's crucial to instill values and integrity in students while exemplifying these principles in the classroom.


Integrity in the Classroom

Building integrity in the classroom is a process that takes time. It takes at least six to eight weeks to develop a habit. When students begin a new school year, they have yet to learn of their teachers' integrity or expectations. Thus, teachers must work consistently to establish trust and a framework for integrity within the classroom. Students need to see consistency, routines, and patterns over time to understand what's expected of them. 

The first few weeks of the school year are vital for building the foundation of trust and expectations. Classroom management works best with relationships and integrity. Teachers must communicate their expectations clearly and work on building relationships with students. It's a process that requires effort but ultimately leads to an environment where high-integrity behavior becomes the norm.

GANG, hope is not a strategy! School leaders must consistently and continuously state, model, and reinforce what is respected and valued. Be sure to check out this blog post on the importance of Vision, Values, and Starting Strong.



Integrity in Educational Leadership

Leaders, whether in the classroom or at the administrative level, must cultivate and protect their integrity. Here are four key actions that leaders can take to maintain and enhance their integrity:

  1. Keeping Promises:
    Leaders should strive to keep their promises, especially for significant commitments. If you break a promise, it will be remembered.  How do you want to be remembered? 
  2. Speaking Up for Beliefs:
    Leaders must communicate their values and principles clearly to establish a consistent framework. It all comes down to what you respect and value, and be sure to communicate it clearly! People will depend on you.
  3. Being Fair:
    Leaders need to practice fairness both in decision-making and in balancing their workload. When you make fair decisions for others and yourself, integrity rises.  Don’t let teacher guilt lead you to burnout, and we need healthy and happy teachers.   
  4. Doing What You Say:
    Leaders must follow through on their commitments and actions. Show up when you say you will, and let your actions speak for themselves. 

Integrity doesn't happen overnight but over time. It's not about making big promises but about delivering consistently on your values and beliefs.  This straightforward approach works for children, teachers, parents, and administrators! New administrators need to work on communication and proving their level of integrity in the first six months. 

When a new administrator or leader enters a school, their actions and consistency are essential in developing a sense of trust and integrity within the school community. Over time, their character and integrity become evident to those they lead.

Folks, integrity is the cornerstone of leadership. It's not a single act but a collection of consistent behaviors, decisions, and values. In education, whether in the classroom or at the administrative level, integrity plays a pivotal role in establishing trust, building relationships, and creating a positive learning environment. By adhering to principles of integrity, leaders set an example that resonates with students, teachers, and the entire school community.

Megan is a third-grade teacher, co-founder of IntegratED, educational speaker, and a Within Our Ranks success story. (More on that to come.) She works to innovate classrooms to bring experiences for students to learn and grow authentically with hands-on experiences. This powerhouse team of educational speakers connected at a conference. 

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Have you ever felt that Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is a heavy, time-consuming endeavor? Think again! "Ten Minute Classroom Openers" proves that creating a positive and supportive classroom atmosphere doesn't have to be a burden. These activities are designed to be quick and easy to implement. You don't need preparation or materials. Just open the book, pick an activity, and you're good to go!

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These openers are not just about warming up the room; they're about warming up hearts and minds. They're about creating a classroom culture where students feel valued, engaged, and excited to learn.

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