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Steve Bollar Hosts Student Assemblies

Mastering the Art of Student Assemblies

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 When your school has an assembly, what does it look like? Kids sitting in rows, sitting quietly, and maybe just some students are engaged? Teachers along the side walls with their arms crossed checking the time?

What if I told you student assemblies can be entertaining, compelling, engage all participants, and make memories?!

I have your guide to unraveling the magic behind student assemblies. Prepare to dive into a world where inspiration meets entertainment, and where the perfect blend of respect, recognition, rewards, and a sprinkle of humor can create an experience that resonates with students for a lifetime.

The Importance of Student Assemblies:

Student assemblies are more than just a break from routine – they are a window to building a positive school culture, fostering a sense of belonging, and igniting enthusiasm among students. Assemblies provide a platform to celebrate achievements, reinforce values, and connect students in a collective spirit of unity. Invite EVERYONE from teachers, support staff, administration, and even your superintendent.


A Successful Assembly Formula: Respect, Recognize, Reward, Reinforce

My friends over at Jostens Renaissance have the right idea.  Not only is this formula fantastic for school climate and culture, but it applies perfectly to assemblies, too! Having a captive and engaged audience is the perfect time to share what you respect and value in your school. 

 Need a great way to kick off the school year? Have a Happy New Year assembly! Roll out important information with the results formula.  Be sure to hype up student clubs and organizations to join, and introduce new staff or administrators. 

Respect: Set the Tone

Start your assembly on the right foot by showing students they're valued. An energetic welcome, a warm smile, or even a fun greeting can set a positive tone. Remember, respect is the cornerstone of a successful assembly. A motivational rally can be full of energy, so ensure the attendees know when to be quiet, and when to get WILD!

Simply stated, communicate what you respect and value in your school. This could be a running list of fluid topics depending on your building.  From arrival times, dress code, cell phones, or academic honor code policies.  

And most importantly, PUMP UP THE VOLUME!!! Play pop music as students and teachers enter the room. Do you need a school-appropriate music playlist?  Here is one created just for this by DJ Phony Stark, a fantastic educator, and Within Our Ranks success story!  


Recognize: Celebrate Diverse Achievements

Recognize students for achievements that extend beyond academics. Showcase their talents in sports, arts, leadership, and even acts of kindness. This demonstrates that every student has a unique contribution to the school community.

If it is your first assembly of the year, recognize those students who put in the extra hours for summer enrichment classes, summer band, and especially the custodial staff. 

Example: The "Comeback Kid" for a student who has shown improvement in any subject or behavior.

Reward: Fueling Excitement

Infuse the assembly with excitement through well-deserved rewards. These rewards do not need to cost money. Scholarships, gift certificates, or even a quirky trophy can add a dash of thrill. The anticipation of rewards can electrify the atmosphere.

 Example: The "Curious Explorer Award" for the student who asks the most thought-provoking questions during class, complete with a science-themed party.

Need more ideas for free or affordable awards? I literally wrote the book! You need to check out Ideas, Ideas, Ideas for practical inspiration, and more!


Reinforce: Messages with Impact

Use the power of storytelling and humor to reinforce key messages. Craft skits, anecdotes, or even involve teachers in some playful theatrics. Humor and relatable stories make the messages stick.

Example: A mock debate between "Captain Procrastinator" and "Efficient Erin" highlights time management's importance.

Now gang, this is important. Add games to your assemblies.  That’s right, games.  Pick a few students or teachers from the audience to compete in a small competition.  It could reinforce the skill or idea you are trying to instill in your audience.  Give the attendees a chance to get up and out of their seats, cheer on a pal, and play! I promise you, your audience will thank you for it and be better listeners after a brain break.

My pal Tina and I wrote a book for you to get started.  Check out Ideas, Ideas, Ideas: Rally Edition for all the tips and tricks you need to start hosting rockstar rallies and assemblies. 

Examples of Student Awards and Recognition:

"Kindness Crusader Award":

Recognize a student who consistently demonstrates kindness and compassion towards peers and teachers. This award highlights the value of empathy in building a supportive school environment.

"Innovator Extraordinaire Award":

Acknowledge a student who consistently brings fresh ideas to the table, encouraging a culture of innovation within the school community.

"Eco-Warrior Award":

Celebrate a student's commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. It can be as simple as picking up trash at lunch or on the playground! This award reinforces the importance of responsible citizenship.

 "Academic Trailblazer Award":

Highlight a student excelling academically and inspiring their peers to strive for excellence.


Student assemblies are more than just gatherings; they're a platform for fostering unity, igniting passion, and celebrating the diverse talents that make up your school community. By mastering the art of respect, recognition, rewards, and reinforcement, you can create assemblies that leave a lasting impact on students. Let's celebrate achievements, inspire hearts, and sprinkle a healthy dose of humor into the mix. With the guidance of this expert formula, you're well on your way to crafting assemblies that truly stand out. Stand tall, embrace the magic of assemblies, and let the spotlight shine on your students' brilliance!

Need help running an assembly? I can come to you! I travel the world sharing the newest in professional development, motivational speeches, and the best student rallies on the planet. Contact me ASAP. My calendar is already filling up!

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