Within Our Ranks Webinar 

Training for educators to speak professionally.

Watch the Recorded Webinar

Did you miss the Within Our Ranks Webinar? Still interested in turning your wealth of educational knowledge and experience into speaking and consulting opportunities? No worries!

I am excited to share a link to the recording with me, Stand Tall Steve from Stand Tall Enterprises and 2023 Top 30 Global Gurus in Education!  Within Our Ranks (WOR) offers a transformative coaching program specifically designed for educators who aspire to become professional speakers and trainers. 

Watch this video to experience firsthand how you can expect to connect with like-minded individuals and me looking to take control of your own career, build a successful business, be your own boss, and set your schedule. Most importantly, you will learn about how WOR is a comprehensive and tailored approach that provides the necessary tools, skills, and guidance to excel in the world of educational speaking.

For those of us in education, we value the voice of fellow educators when it comes to professional development sessions and trainings.  That’s exactly why Within Our Ranks is so unique; educators training, supporting, and supporting other educators!

Unleash Your Potential as a Professional Speaker and Trainer

Learn about the world of educational speaking through this multi-step program to turn your knowledge into a profitable experience!

Program Flexibility (perfect for those transitioning careers)

Educator Focused (created by an educator for educators)

Learn the business of the speaking industry (Start your own full or part-time educational speaking career!)

Constructive feedback to grow confidently

Start your own full or part-time public speaking career!

Working with Steve Bollar and the training he provided through Within Our Ranks has put me on the right track toward increasing the number of speaking events each year, improving my networking skills, and streamlining my message. I have benefited greatly from his mentorship and friendship. If you want to improve your speaking skills and get your message out into the world, I highly recommend the expertise of Stand Tall Stave and Within Our Ranks.

Bradlee Skinner

Don't let your goldmine of knowledge and expertise go untapped. Unlock your potential as a professional speaker and trainer with Within Our Ranks. Embrace this transformative coaching program, and embark on a journey to become an influential voice in educational speaking. Together, let's make an impact and inspire others through the power of effective communication.

After you watch the video, I would love to discuss your future Within Our Ranks! Schedule a time to have a conversation with me HERE!