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Steve Bollar Keynote Speaker

Why Hire a Keynote Speaker?

education consultant educational leadership keynote speaker leadership coaching motivational speaker professional development public speaking stand tall steve steve bollar May 14, 2023

Let me guess.  Your last professional development or training session was a total bust.  You looked out in the crowd to see disengaged and glazed-over eyes or the tops of your employees’ heads because they were looking at their phones. 

What if your next professional development or training day is a raving success? Your staff would be engaged, laugh, and feel inspired. People would be buzzing with ideas instead of phones buzzing with texts! But how? Hire a keynote speaker.

Now is the time to hire a keynote speaker.  Having a keynote speaker at an event can be a valuable addition that can enhance the experience for attendees. Whether it's a corporate event, conference, or school assembly, a keynote speaker like me can bring a unique perspective and expertise to inspire, educate, and motivate the audience. So if you are a school leader, now is the time to book for next year. 

Expertise and Knowledge

I’m also a part-time mind-reader. Right now, you are thinking, “I always give presentations in front of my staff!” Possibly followed by,  “They aren’t buying in or just not listening.”

You need a new voice with a different delivery. I will work with you to share your message in a new, relatable way. My keynotes are customizable for the needs of your organization. What is the message you need your staff to hear? What is the message your team needs to hear?

I am an education expert with over 25 years of experience as a teacher, principal, superintendent, and leadership coach. I profoundly understand the challenges that educators and organizational leaders face and have developed practical strategies to overcome them. As a keynote speaker, I share my leadership expertise and knowledge with audiences, providing them with valuable insights and practical strategies your organization can implement immediately.

Here’s a sample: My Speaking Engagement In Different Schools | Extraordinary Experiences


Inspiration and Motivation

The squares on your calendar are full, it is nearing the end of the year, and you are out of steam. I travel to you AND bring on the dad jokes and teacher humor! 

Need to inspire and motivate your staff? I  am known for my dynamic and engaging speaking style. I use humor, storytelling, and audience participation to keep attendees engaged and interested. I have a natural ability to connect with audiences and create a positive and energetic atmosphere. As a result, attendees leave my presentations feeling motivated and inspired to take action. This can be particularly beneficial for corporate events or conferences where attendees may be looking for inspiration to achieve their personal or professional goals. Book me as a keynote speaker to kick off professional development days, continuing education series, or your organization’s next conference!

What’s that? Your last PD day was incredible, and the staff loved it?  FANTASTIC! Celebrate the moment and keep that energy going! Don’t let complacency settle in. Tell me your success story so we can work together to keep the positive vibes flowing and growing!

Check out this testimonial video!

Timely and Relevant

Even Bob Dylan knew, “The Times They Are A-Changin' ” New initiatives pop up like springtime daisies. So let me help you catch your breath. I will help you swim with the tides of hyper-change.

My presentations are relevant and timely for today's leaders in education and business. I cover topics such as leadership, communication, classroom management, and how to maintain and grow your staff. My presentations are tailored to the specific needs of each audience, ensuring that attendees receive practical and actionable advice to use immediately.

Here’s a link to “Stand Tall Speaking and Training Topics”

I can tailor any topic to meet the needs of your organization.  Here’s an example of how Dunbar Middle School and I worked together for “Guys in Ties.” You have to check this out! 

Increased Attendance 

You look at the crowd and think, “Where is everyone?” Does your staff use “PTO” on professional development days?

I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, but training and professional development can be BORING! Fall asleep in your chair sitting up, snore in a crowd of your coworkers, drool down your face level of BORING! I travel the country, and I have heard from your people. Have you listened to the needs and wants of your team?

Having a keynote speaker can also increase attendance at an event. A well-known and respected speaker can draw in more attendees who are interested in hearing their message. This can be particularly beneficial for conferences or corporate events where attendance is vital for the event's success. Guess what? Your next event or training session will have more smiling faces in the audience. 


Proven Track Record

Don’t know where to start?  I speak with the confidence of a toddler in a superhero cape.  I’ve got this. 

I have a proven track record of success as a keynote speaker domestically and internationally.  I have spoken at hundreds of events, including conferences, workshops, and school assemblies, and have received rave reviews from attendees. My presentations have been described as "insightful," "engaging," and "motivating." I have also been recognized as a Top 30 Global Guru in Education by Global Gurus. 

Simply stated, be your own hero and hire a keynote speaker or trainer. Your staff will love you for it.  Having a keynote speaker at an event can provide a wide range of benefits. From expertise and knowledge to inspiration and motivation, making connections, increased attendance, and brand awareness, a keynote speaker can help enhance attendees' experience and provide a memorable experience to make a lasting impact on your organization.  Whether you are planning a conference, workshop, or school assembly, I can help to make your event a success. Always remember, when you stand TALL, you don’t think small.

Contact for booking: 

TEDx: Why Not Me? | Steven A. Bollar | TEDxLehighRiver

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