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education consultant educational leadership keynote speaker leadership coaching motivational speaker professional development public speaking stand tall steve steve bollar Apr 29, 2023

      Hey, gang! Thanks for joining me on Stand Tall Statements, a blog dedicated to sharing the vision of Standing Tall. Perhaps our paths crossed at a conference since I travel the world sharing my passion for leadership, climate, and culture. You may be a fellow educator, as I have spent over 25 years as a teacher, administrator, and leadership coach.  Are you a leader looking for quality professional development from an educational consultant to reignite your team? Need someone to engage your students in an academic pep rally? The possibilities are endless between social media, podcasts, books, and TEDx Talk.  No matter how you landed here, I’m so happy you did, and I hope we can connect!

     My passion is to have a leading voice in education, helping individuals and organizations unleash their full potential. My background as an educator, administrator, and professor has led me on a path to speaking with organizations all over the world.  Through my keynote speaking engagements, leadership coaching, or coaching sessions, I want to challenge others to think differently about leadership. 

     I have fantastic news to share! Last month,  I earned a place as one of the "Top 30" Global Gurus in Education for 2023. I have dedicated my professional life to improving the climate and culture of students, staff, administrators, and businesses, and their recognition truly humbles me. I have a vision and plan for so much more! Check it out 

     So join me for Stand Tall Statements, where you can come for bite-sized, innovative, and practical classroom strategies and ideas, find the motivation to build the climate and culture at your workplace and get the resources you need to fulfill your leadership role. Always remember, when you STAND TALL, you don’t think small!

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