When You STAND TALL, You Don't Think Small


When You STAND TALL, You Don't Think Small


An AmazingĀ Live & Virtual Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Coach.

Steve, aka Stand Tall Steve, is an educational leader and master motivator.Ā  Steve works with forward thinking organizations to generate new ideas, improve climate/culture and maximize leadership skills. His quick wit, experience,Ā and in-depth knowledge makes him one of the premier speaker, trainer, consultants available.Ā Ā 


UseĀ SteveĀ toĀ transform your organization into something amazing!


This "Top 30" is a well-known ranking in the world of business, hospitality, marketing and education. I have watched this "Top 30" list for many years and I am very honored and humbled that I am on the list; even atĀ rankĀ #16.

Are you an educator looking for new ways to improve the climate and culture of your school?

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The best keynote speaker I've had the pleasure of listening to, not only in this district but all other PD conferences I've attended over the past 20 years. K. Stephenson - Somerville High School

Stand Tall Leadership 

Developing yourself as a leader is more than reading a few books and implementing a new strategy - you have to strengthen relationships, develop useful systems, inspire your organization to follow you, and communicate effectively at all times.

Classroom Management That Works 

A teacher's ability to effectively manage student behavior is arguably, the most important indicator of the short and long term success of a teacher. Steve works with teachers on how to take back control of the classroom and actually teach.

Imagine That!




Stand Tall Virtual Training

Have Stand Tall Steve provide training at any time from anywhere. Every virtual presentation is personalized, engaging and full of value. Virtual sessions with Stand Tall Steve are for any of the programs within a variety of timeframes.

Steve has programs that can be presented as a keynote, professional development, workshop, consultation or mini session. Each of the offerings are fully customizable to fit the specific needs of your school, district, organization, or event.  


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Steve, your presentation was PHENOMENAL! Your energy and enthusiasm made it exciting and enjoyable and made me want to hear and learn more. I even looked up your website and recommended you to another company for staff development, thank you so much!

J. McLaughlin - Somerville School District


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Irma Herrera -- Teacher

"My overall opinion of the presentation was EXCELLENT. You and your guest were full of knowledge and excitement and were very happy to share your knowledge with the group."

Joe Leary -- Somerville School District

"Steve's use of humor is invaluable. Humor makes the topic interesting and therefore memorable. It causes you to stop and remember to use a positive attitude with all aspects of the day. I loved the idea of improving 1%. who can't try to make that a reality."

Melinda Banks -- Admin | Meade County High School

"I enjoyed the practicality of the whole day. Nothing was over the top and ideas presented could be easily implemented."


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