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Ed Leadership Virtual Stand Tall Summit

Maximize your leadership now in order to maximize your school later. 
March 30, 7PMSteve Bollar: How to Maximize Your Climate & Culture 
April 1, 7PM -  Dr. Tracey Severns: How to Teach Students to Self Assess and Set Goals 
April 6, 7PM - Dr. Stefani Hite: How to Foster Collective Efficacy, Your Key to Adaptive Capacity
April 8, 7PMDwight Carter: How to Be Great When You Don't Feel Great 
April 13, 7PMDr. Keith Stephenson: How to Coach for Better Classroom Management 
April 15, 7PM Dwight Carter: How to Run Effective Meetings
April 20, 7PM - Steve Bollar: How to Get Real Results 

Free to all Educational Leaders!