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Stand Tall Leadership shows readers how to maximize their influence and connect with their school community so you can get the results that you want to see. Its fill of easy to understand real-life examples and ideas that you can start immediately. Become the Stand Tall Leader that you know you can be! 

Based on his incredibly popular keynote, “Ideas Ideas Ideas” showcases the most effective best practices from Steve Bollar’s vast educational experience.  From a Joke of the Day to make students groan and relax, to having a Thank You Day when staff and students show their appreciation for each other, this book will jump start any school’s efforts and inspire others to find out more.  You can’t take his entertaining personality home with you, but you can take these ideas and enjoy the good humor and belief in positivity that shines through in his writing.


Games, Dancing, Cheering, Recognition! Renaissance Rallies bring together students and staff to have a great time and celebrate students for academics and character, along with staff and faculty members that helped make those achievements happen. Steve Bollar and Tina Dietrich have several decades of combined experience organizing and leading Rallies in their schools, and they share everything you need to know about how to make them awesome - this book will prepare you to host your own Renaissance Rally.